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Introduction to Qigong & Self Healing

This Free video is designed to increase your understanding of how qi (lifeforce) and information of our consciousness...

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Tian Yuan

This introductory method is a foundational qigong practice of yuangong which focuses on how to increase our energy le...

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Ren Yuan

This method opens and stretches the qi channels in the body.  This method moves qi deeper in the body and creates str...

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Xia Yuan

This nourishing method is designed to balance and harmonize the 5 yin organs and the corresponding yang organs.  Soun...

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Supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing

  When we nourish and create a supportive relationship with our organ system, it naturally nourishes and supports ou...

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Restoring Inner Harmony and Balance

This class is suitable to those who have already learnt some Yuangong but you are able to access discounted learning ...

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Shining a Light on Anxiety

This eight week course is designed to strengthen our relationship to our authentic selves, building trust, confidence...

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Opening the heart to enhance our Qigong Practice

  In this six week series we will make the heart the focus. We will open and deepen the overall state of our body, m...

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Ling Yuan; Transforming Patterns of the Consciousness

This 10 week course explores the Ten Fundamental Patterns of Human Consciousness. Each week includes a handout on one...

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Awakening to the Light of Your True Nature

This 10 Week course is designed to bridge Yuan Qigong practice into everyday life and interconnect and integrate the ...

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Creativity and Wisdom for our Changing Times

  In changing times, calmness, creativity and wisdom are going to be our greatest tools. In this 10 weeks we will be...

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Challenges Equal Growth

Together we will look at some of the common patterns of the consciousness.  When we understand these patterns we can ...

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