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 Integrated and Holistic Life Coaching and Counseling to Elevate Life

Reconnecting and Building Trust with your Authentic Self

Shining a light on life's Challenges, Opportunities and Aspirations



My passion and strengths lie in assisting clients to make positive steps towards mastery of their own health, wellbeing and life development . In the sessions a container is created  to tap into your deeper potentials, as well as question and transform any limiting assumptions, patterns and beliefs about ourselves, others and life.

Sessions empower you to grow your own awareness to understand yourself and the root causes of the presenting challenges. When we explore more deeply our inner dynamics(patterns) we can see more clearly how this impacts our relationships and outer experiences.  Once we see this more clearly we can truly get creative in forming a new reality , forming a healthier way of seeing and relating to our challenges. 

 I take a holistic and heart centred approach and have trained in various therapy modalities however find the most important aspect of therapy is the client and the therapist forming a growth-oriented relationship based on trust and mutual respect. My focus is on supporting you to build and strengthen your own resources inside yourself to meet your current situation and make choices and actions that align with the deeper truth of who you are.  



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I trained in Sydney Australia as a Holistic Counsellor and life coach in 2000-2002 and recently completed my postgraduate studies at the Metavision Institute, Australia with a Postgraduate Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma which has its roots in Daoism, Jungian psychology and Anthrosophy. 

I have also trained in the last 15 years as a Ren Xue Teacher which is based on, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Traditional Chinese Medicine,Tai Chi and Qigong as well as western healing modalities.

 I am also trained in somatic awareness, mindfulness and art therapeutic models which I weave into the sessions with clients that prefer a more integrative approach then just solely talk therapy.


How do we truly transform our lives?

Do you sometimes find that when you focus and worry about your problems you find that things are getting worse.  This is natural as whatever we put our focus on grows. True Healing is not about solely fixing symptoms and eliminating diseases it refers to healing the whole life by learning more positive and constructive ways to approach lifes challenges.  When we learn to approach everything in a positive way anything can become a possibility.

Working in the present is important to resolve and heal past issues and move forward. There is a place to digest, process, make sense of the experiences we may have had in the past but by working on what is arising in the present moment we can rewrite our story.  You will find that similar themes continue to show up and so by working on the things that are showing now and finding a new way of viewing and dealing with these things you will in turn change your position in life and these things will start to not happen anymore.


We are so used to focusing on trying to change and control our external world but there is a much simpler way.  When we go inside and find our own inner balance things in our outer world will work out much better.  When we find inner harmony the relationships with people and the world around us will naturally become more harmonious and enjoyable too.

By going inside we will gain the understanding that is necessary to make the change.  We will gain more clarity about how things are the way they are and also often the answers we are seeking for our life questions.

These sessions are about you gaining the tools to continue to learn and grow after our sessions together.  There is no end point, life is a continual process of discovering and constructing a better version of ourselves, a new you, each and every step opens the door to more freedom.

"I have gained so much more strength to make decisions, so empowering.  I am feeling such a strong pull to walk a different path to the one I am currently on. It is like the exit lights have now turned on for which way to go". Catherine  Motueka "

" Sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees’ my energy feels low and I am not sure why or I have something specific that feels very stuck. I have found one on one sessions with Natalie very beneficial.  So much shifts just by learning how to be in a calm and present state. I gain insight and leave feeling lighter, grounded open and spacious. CB, Nelson   "

" I had been reading a lot of books but what I gained was mostly theoretical knowledge because of all my unhealthy habits I was never in a calm enough state to really implement the wisdom contained in the books.  Qi Gong and Ren Xue have greatly helped me to calm my mind and identify and understand which of my life activities were unhealthy and unnecessary. They have also given me a range of practical tools which I can implement in just about any situation of my life". David H, Motueka"