Restoring Inner Harmony and Balance

This class is suitable to those who have already learnt some Yuangong but you are able to access discounted learning programs to support the class if you still need to learn the details of the practices themselves.

This will be a 10 week block of teaching starting 7th August till 9th October before the teachers retreat in the United states.

Each week will include some practice and we will have a topic directed by the needs of the participants and inspiration of the groups specific qifield.

TOPICS to be covered

Unification as the base for life cultivation

Creating and using qifields to enhance our life and healing

Developing the Heart qualities (5 Xin) to restore harmony and balance in life

Heart(Xin) Care techniques to keep in a good state

Learning to break away from patterns so 5 xin and the true self can manifest

The classes will be run through youtube. You do not need a youtube account to participate as you will be sent the link each week. A recording will be made available after each class and will be put into the Heart Wisdom Restoring Balance and Harmony Online learning page.


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