Shining a Light on Anxiety

This eight week course is designed to strengthen our relationship to our authentic selves, building trust, confidence and safety within ourselves.   From this place we can shine a light - bring more awareness to parts of ourselves that block us from experiencing our true nature and potential. From this place feelings and emotions are less overwhelming. From this place we feel more grounded and embodied and this lays the foundation were we can really start to grow and flourish.

We will be particularly working with anxiety, something more and more people are experiencing in our current changing world environment. In this course we will learn tools to stay more in the present and connect to the information that supports and nourishes our lives.


  • Understanding Anxiety responses on a physical, physiological, mental/emotional level.
  • Becoming more aware of the Patterns and unhelpful thinking styles behind anxiety.
  • Becoming more aware of some of the root causes of anxiety such as habitual response, earlier experiences, survival instincts
  • Cultivating courage, Building confidence and trust in self. How to tolerate uncertainties
  • Growing more Acceptance, Kindness and Compassion for ourselves.
  • Understanding more about healthy control and how to challenge unhealthy thoughts and emotions

 Each week we will have time for qigong/breathing practices, a presentation on each weeks theme with tools/ homework journaling exercises. Private sessions with Natalie will be available to help you integrate the learning further.



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