The Joys of Parenting

 ‘pick up’ what is going on with us better than we can detect ourselves. We may feel irritated by them which is showing us an aspect that is in fact within ourselves. When you are anxious and stressed your home and the aspects within the house, objects and people will feel chaotic, like being in the middle of a storm. The aspects we feel others need to change are often an aspect of our own selves that we need to change. If we learn to hold a calm state we can rearrange our external environment. This is how we create change.

Change is a healthy aspect of life, we can go about changing ourselves heartfully and joyfully without beating ourselves or our children up with our negative thoughts. better to focus on the positive aspects of our children. Children are always looking for attention so when we focus on their positive attributes on their essential being we help them to expand this part of themselves. This can be seen in the metaphor of what ever we water...

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How to create space for daily practice

How to create space for daily Practice

8 Tips to move forward in your goal of achieving a daily practice

1.Create a space for your practice that is inviting and which helps to create a place with a positive and supportive atmosphere.  It can be a room, a corner of a room in which you leave a practice mat, a sitting cushion. A clear space that is dedicated to create calm and space in your life, clutter free with just a few objects that transmit the feeling of peace for you personally.  It can act as a reminder and inspiration to practice.

2.Create a regular time, just like you have an appointment to do anything else, book yourself in to your diary or phone agenda or on your ‘list of things to do’  It should be at the top of the list as  when we do practice we bring more joy, flow and ease into the other things on your ‘to do’ list.  Make sure you are getting enough ‘down time’ ‘time spent being, not just...

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