Happy New Year 2019

Happy new year to you all.  Hope you have gotten off to a good start and have made some clear intentions for 2019.  I get the feeling that this year is going to be somewhat more spacious and calmer for me which I think is the right balance after the travel and adventure of 2018.  This seems to be what the Chinese Year of earth pig also seems to say.  I do not strictly follow any type of prediction by the way as we are the masters of creating our own lives but still find it interesting to understand things from different angles.  I resonate with the information of earth pig that a stable base both inside and out can be conducive for life cultivation.  This is not absolute because greater life challenges and travel can also be the great fire for our inner learning and development.  It is all about balance, what is needed, what is happening in the greater plan.  Within this all there is choice and sometimes action and...

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