What does it feel like to have a truly intimate relationship?

What stops you from being truly intimate?

As human beings we have a deep innate need to feel connected and valued by others. Research shows that the aging process slows down considerably when people have relationships in their lives. Being in connection with others activates our heart it makes us feel alive, keeps our life vibrant.

The true intimacy that one experiences in deeply nourishing and satisfying relationships is more likely to be truly experienced once we have first developed true intimacy with ourselves. So do you know yourself?  On a fundamental level we are no different from each other.  We all share the same feelings of joy, sadness, anger, stress and fear and we all have the desire to be living a healthy and fulfilling life.

At the same time each and every one of us is unique, our inner landscape deeply intricate. What makes us happy, what makes us tick or what triggers our sadness or anger, can be different for each of us. Our thoughts and feelings create certain experiences and certain patterns or themes in our lives.

By understanding and knowing our inner world we can discover who we truly are beyond our patterns and conditioning. Our true potential, unique qualities and innate abilities begin to emerge and we can transform limiting beliefs and fixed ideas that limit us. Essentially we become the conscious painter of our inner landscape. 

Knowing yourself and becoming a good friend to yourself lays a true foundation to come into relationship with life. For living a joyful life and having real and meaningful relationships with others.  As we grow self love, care and acceptance for ourselves we can truly extend this towards others from a true place. This love radiates from our hearts and expands out to uplift other people. 

So where to start?  How do we open and listen to our own heart, care for ourselves and respond to our true needs so we are able to truly do this for others?  GO INSIDE   Pretty simple and natural really but something many of us were not taught how to do, it is not a positive habit we have developed.  In our busy lives some of us have no time to take a proper breath let alone sit quietly with ourselves. 

Sometimes we just have to push the pause button and make the time and space for ourselves, to value ourselves. The positives that we gain are immeasurable. Making that connection improves health, calms the mind and brings clarity to life.  If you would like to get started in this process I extend an invitation to you to attend a monthly mini retreat held 10am-3pm the last Friday of every month at Aniwaniwa Yurt Stay; a healing space in nature.