Connect to Your Inner Compass

Lifeforce(Qi) is the essence of a healthy life which includes our physical, mental and emotional health as well as relationship to ourselves and others. When our daily life is less than optimal we need to look at our overall energy levels and mind state and see if anything could be improved.  It is hard to be positive when we are running our lives on an empty petrol tank. It is hard to enjoy life when we are making decisions and taking actions from a place of stress or from a negative emotional state.

Our thoughts are very important for our wellbeing.  Our minds are planting seeds that direct the manifestation or outcomes of our life in every moment. Continual negative thinking can create sickness in the body.  Our conflicting thoughts can send us in circles and keeps us stuck in habitual patterns not really bringing life forward. When we on top of this relate to our problems or symptoms in a negative way by getting worried or overly focusing on them we compound the negative effects on our qi (lifeforce) and body.

The key is to  become more aware of these habitual mind habits so we can become the directors of our own lives. If we look for self satisfaction or even to the answer to our life and health problems on the external we may be eternally seekers not realizing that all wisdom we could ask for lies within ourselves, our own heart and minds.  When our heart and mind are together you can say we are conscious. We look at life from a more balanced and realistic perspective. We can consciously create our lives and make choices that are empowered and honor ourselves and others.

Qigong is a tool to consciously create calmness in our lives.  When our minds slow down our world slows down, our minds drop into the heart space. When our heart and mind are connected, we can think more clearly.  This heart mind awareness is what I refer to as our inner compass.  If we lead our lives more in line with the inner compass we find more contentment, gratitude, develop more trust and respect, experience more love and joy. This I would describe as our more natural and healthy state in which our true potentials and abilites can develop.

Yuangong Qigong is a contemporary form of qigong that includes movements,meditation and breathing to improve health, create more presentness to connect us directly with our inner wisdom. The training moves initially from physical movements to direct the mind inwards and learn how to feel and move life force in the body to using the mind itself to create change in our body and lives.

Yuangong Qigong trains the practitioner to be more present in their body and mind, It is a safe and effective method to clear and heal trauma and negative emotional states such as anxiety,stress, grief. Essentially it is a pathway to gain more clarity and become the directors and healers of our own life.

If you are interested in learning more about what is written in this Blog Natalie is starting a new series of Introduction courses both in person and online called  Connect to your Inner Compass . Click here to find more information


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