Workshops and Retreats

Time Out, Diving Deeper, Return to Center


Retreats vary in length from a Day to a Week and offer the opportunity to learn and deepen your understanding of yourself through Qigong, Healing and Life development.  Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of nature, allow some time away to reflect and develop your inner focus. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.


March 2022 Retreat

The focus of retreats is on Cultivating Self awareness through Awakening the Heart and your True Nature through practicing Yuan Qigong, Meditation, Discourses, Group Discussion, Q & A , Reflection time in Nature and Journaling/drawing exercises.

The Retreats are designed to inspire your practice and life. Providing tools to support and your life journey and replace ways of thinking and being that no longer serve you.

Expect these Retreats to create new openings in your life, change your relationship with yourself and align you closer with your truth.



Full Moon Day Retreat

An opportunity to step back and reflect on your life, to recharge the batteries and clarify the next month ahead.  To support a pathway of living joyful and with intention and inspired action from the heart. Qigong practice, Life topic discussion and Journaling, shared lunch, Still Practice and Healing.


Personal Reteats

Outside of the scheduled retreats accommodation is available all year round for private retreats. You are welcome to follow your own program or book in for private sessions and tuition with Natalie. Special Rates for accommodation are available off peak if private sessions are booked.   Find your still point in the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of the yurt

Workshops are intensives that maximise your learning time of material, tools.  Workshops are running throughout the year and can also be tailor made to your needs.  The format can run from half to full day and are designed to give you a taste of a mini retreat.  A day away can be enough to press the reset button.

Introductory Workshop 

Covers the level 1 & 2  introductory exercises of Yuan Gong Tian Yuan and Di Yuan. An introduction to Ren Xue will also be given. Available in 3 weekly sessions or one half day workshop. The price of the introductory workshops is $60.


connect to your inner compass

How to become the director and Healer of our own lives

An in depth introduction to yuangong, qi and the mind. Movements, Meditations and Mindsets to empower change.

Covers the level 3 method of Renyuan to open and stretch the qi  channels and body. Meditations to open the heart and mind. This is usually a full day workshops and costs $120. Lunch Included


Patterns Workshop

Understand yourself and the mind habits that are running your life . Learn tools for change and how to restore a harmonious relationship with yourself. Learn how to  create inner stability. In this day workshop you will learn both moving and still forms of Yuan Gong including jing gong (meditation)  to help create self awareness, inner calmness and stability to shift patterns.


"I feel completely refreshed, relaxed and reinvigorated after my Qi Gong retreat. You provided a beautiful and safe environment where everyone was nourished, whatever their experience. The gorgeous location of the retreat made me feel immediately uplifted from my daily grind, and the healing I received was immediate. Thank you for opening me to the beauty of Qi Gong."

Retreat Testimonial

"Natalie and Rachel provided a wonderful nourishing retreat in a stunning location. I’ve never experienced the feeling of ‘batteries fully recharged’  as I have after their May 2017 retreat. The sessions included an awesome balance between the practical and theoretical and included time for reflection and discussion. Thank you for making the weekend a lifetime highlight and allowing me to return home to a full schedule and a busy family full of energy and optimism."

Retreat Testimonial

"An excellent retreat, creating a perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual activities to provide a friendly, healing and nourishing time away from the busyness of everyday life."

Retreat Testimonial

"I really enjoyed the weekend Natalie and Rachel were such a great team complementing each other really well – approachable, friendly and really made Qigong concepts feel accessible and easy to fit in to daily life using simple explanations. There was a feeling of a safe space where we could share with each other.mThere was Joy and relaxation to it all. I had a lot of fun and have experienced some big shifts which have improved my life. Thank you so much."

Retreat Testimonial

"I have discovered a whole new approach to my daily qigong practice since the retreat! I  feel a new level of enjoyment that is making the commitment to practicing daily so much easier. I am feeling a much deeper connection to myself. I’ve also found the transition back to “normal life” was just so incredibly easy, because I feel like this new state is now “normal” to me, and that is a huge blessing. I find it incredible to have moved into this deeper awareness from just a weekend, I really feel this will only continue to develop and grow from here   "

Retreat Testimonial

"I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was relaxing, gentle and I came away feeling quietly powerful.  I had been generally out of sorts & unbalanced within myself for sometime due to PTSD.  Since Saturday I feel more peaceful, energetic and connected to myself, my life and my world.  Thank you. I look forward to class."

Workshop Testimonial

"Natalie is a gentle teacher who is quite sensitive to feel and keep a balance between too much and not enough. It was very easy to learn Yuan Gong from her. The yurt was filled with an intense, pulsating energy and it was profoundly peaceful at the same time. Birds were singing out there while we were clearing the ‘field’ around us. That was absolutely magical. I was deeply thankful for being there. "

Workshop Testimonial

"I really enjoyed the workshop and I feel grateful for the light and information you shared with us. I just know that the practice of Yuan Gong will bring positive changes and health to my body, mind and spiritual being. Thank you, thank you, thank you"

Workshop Testimonial

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