About Me

Natalie Meijer - Teacher/Therapist at Heart Wisdom Space


Natalie lives in Newzealand with her husband and has two teenage daughters. Natalie started her path training with Yuan Tze  in REN XUE and it’s connected disciplines of Yuan Gong Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine For around 13 years. I have benefited so much from these tools in my everyday life and it feels a natural extension to want to share this with others.

Natalie works from home and in the wider Nelson/Motueka community where she runs classes online and in person as well as healing and life cultivation sessions. In New zealand her home base is setup for intimate retreats and wellness weekends. Longer annual retreats are also held in Newzealand and internationally. Her background is in counselling, alternative healing, sustainable community development and facilitation.


Background Qualifications

Remedial massage, anatomy and physiology, shamanic healing, energetic healing

Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine

Diploma of Holistic Lifecare Counselling and Life Coaching

Level 8 Zhineng Qigong Teachers Training - Yuan Tze Centre Wellington

Level 6 Yuan Gong Teachers Training - Yuan Tze Centre Wellington

Presently studying Postgraduate Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy  - Meta Vision Institute

Natalie has worked with alternative modalities of healing and health since 2000.