Creating a nourishing space to share and learn in a co-creative environment new tools and wisdom to enhance your Life and Wellbeing

Wednesday Wellness Circle New Moon Day Retreats

More people are feeling the stress of our current changing reality.  If we want to be healthy,  experience happiness and  a sense of wellbeing and to develop our potential and adaptability we need to give ourselves the space and time to put our focus to these part of our lives.

Heart Wisdom offers Classes and Individual sessions designed to initiate this reflective space allowing ourselves relaxation and inner discovery to create the awareness needed to make the positive changes needed within ourselves and the larger world.

Classes and Individual sessions  are based on Natalies own journey of discovery that has brought many benefits to her own life development.  She has studied widely in the areas of  REN XUE, Process Orientated Psychotherapy as well as Somatic, Mindful and Creative therapy approaches .

Her foundation as a Qigong and Meditation teacher naturally assists others to find their inner alignment and harmony.   Moving and Still Qigong practices  improve not only the overall health and energy (qi) of the body but also the health of our heart and mind resulting in greater wellbeing, self realization and wisdom. This Qigong system is based on the nature and universal  teachings of Ren Xue .

REN XUE helps us find harmony within ourselves within our personal relationships, with society, and with nature. Fostering awareness of unhealthy thought patterns and building a greater connection to our True Nature and Potential. Creating a deeper sense of awareness, connection and meaning of one's life.

Process oriented psychology, also known as process work, is a holistic psychotherapeutic approach that suggests unconcious material can be experienced physically, interpersonally, or environmentally. This method helps develop personal awareness and identify  thoughts, emotions, and experiences that may negatively affect our everyday life.

Process oriented psychology is a transdisciplinary approach that integrates principles from Jungian psychology, physics, and information theory. It also incorporates awareness patterns from Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanism




Natalie offers classes, workshops, retreats and individual sessions in person and online.

She has been training with Yuan Tze in both Zhineng Qigong and REN XUE and it’s connected disciplines of Yuan Gong Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine for around 13 years. 

“Having benefited immensely from these tools in my everyday life, it now feels a natural extension to want to share these gifts with others.”   



Do you want to understand, change and elevate your life? Experience greater health, happiness and wellbeing? Develop more freedom, Realization and wisdom?

Working on life is a continual process and the potential for health and growth is infinite. The key is to do this work in a positive and uplifted state, with joy and compassion.  Whether we want to clear problems on the level of health, life or relationships or find a new life direction we can do this by discovering and getting to know ourselves better. 

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"Yuan Gong brings the teachings of Ren Xue more alive, bringing a deeper connection between the practice, the theories, and daily life. The practices bring lightness and ease, allowing a letting go of the push and struggle,coming into flow. We experience more and more Joy and the ability to transform life, through acceptance, changing the way we see things and growing a deeper sense of Trust and Gratitude . This shift allows us to be open and seeing every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. A deep sense of Wellbeing Love and Respect for oneself and life continues to grow by following this path "